Jason Milne @ S.Y.C. 2020

Jason Milne has been practicing yoga for more than twenty years and he has been teaching yoga professionally around the world for the past twelve years. He has gratefully devoted his life to the study, practice, teaching and sharing of the science of Tantra Yoga.

A Journey Through the Chakras with Pranayama and Meditation
The chakra system is the master key to unlock the potential of all the levels of your being being. Through this practice we tap into the power of various pranayama techniques to purify, balance and activate the chakras to enable you step into your full power. We close this session with a guided chakra meditation that opens the biggest channel of energy in the subtle body, centers the mind and come to rest in the heart center.

The Philosophy and Science of Tantra Yoga
Tantra Yoga is a practical system that empowers you to fulfill your potential and experience the highest states of consciousness. In this lecture we investigate Tantric philosophy and the deeper, esoteric meaning of asana, pranayama, sublimation, bandhas and meditation for mastering the evolution of all the levels of your being.