Dave Stringer @ S.Y.C. 2020

Dave Stringer is a Grammy™-nominated record producer, singer and composer who has been profiled as one of the most innovative artists of the new Kirtan movement. Stringer’s sound invokes the transcendent mysticism of traditional Indian instruments with the exuberant, groove-oriented sensibility of American gospel and the ringing harmonies of Appalachia.

Let’s kick off the 5th Swiss Yoga Conference together and groove into an amazing weekend with loads of community vibes! This year, we are excited to have Carolina Fischer, Karl Straub, Pascal de Lacaze, Dave Stringer and his band on board to officially open Switzerland’s biggest Yoga event!

A Yoga experience with live music from Dave Stringer and band!

Join the unique S.Y.C community and be prepared to ignite your heart and soul in a unique yoga experience that celebrates love and our inner passion with live music and movement. Together we will breath, dance, sing and start the conference with a party that makes your eyes and soul sparkle with joy!

Sound Healing
Klang wird seit Jahrtausenden in verschiedenen Kulturen als Werkzeug für Körper, Geist und Seele eines Menschen für Harmonie und Heilung eingesetzt. Sound Healing ist eine tiefe und kraftvolle Erfahrung der Heilung von Klang und Vibration, die Live-Musik, reinen Naturklang, alte Mantras und gefühlvolle Stimme kombiniert.

Du wirst dich hinlegen und deine Atmung verlangsamen. Auf diese Weise bereitest du dich darauf vor, in einen meditativen Zustand der Stille zu gelangen und zum Empfänger von Klängen zu werden. Du wirst kraftvolle Mantras, klangtherapeutische Melodien und andere verschiedene Lieder erhalten, die von heiligen Instrumenten begleitet werden, um dich an einem Ort der vollkommenen Entspannung und Ruhe zu bewegen.

Die Vorteile einer Klangheilung sind unter anderem Stressabbau, Tiefenentspannung, verbesserter Schlaf, verbesserte Konzentration und ein stärkeres Immunsystem. Die Klangheilung wirkt sich auf alle Zellen in unserem Körper aus.

Mantras and Molecules
From the perspective of Eastern philosophy, the bliss we are seeking is already inside of us. From the perspective of modern brain science, this is also a true statement. To the scientist, bliss is a chemical state that the body itself produces, and it is a state that we are apparently hard-wired to seek. Chanting Sanskrit mantras is one of the world’s oldest means of finding it.

Chanting affects the areas of the brain that create our sense of where our body ends and the world begins. It also slows and steadies breathing, producing hormone and neurological changes in the body that feel simultaneously calming and thrilling.

Moving from the individual level to the collective level, the effect is magnified. Through chanting, one’s sense of separation diminishes, and one’s feeling of connection increases. You feel somehow intimate with all the strangers surrounding you, and intensely, vividly, alive.

This workshop explores the neurochemistry of ecstasy through extensive practice of the call and response form of chanting known as Kirtan. Augmenting direct experience, the workshop also features presentations and discussions on the emerging brain science of how music influences and alters our perceptions, mind and spirit.

We are All Teachers, We are All Students
Like every year after the last classes at the Swiss Yoga Conference, we all as a huge family and community, come together for the Closing Ceremony. After the closing words by the teachers, Dave Stringer and his band together with the teachers will perform the Closing-Kirtan.
Every year, the Closing Ceremony as well as the opening are one of the highlights at the Swiss Yoga Conference.

Don’t miss it! And be ready to share your heart and soul celebrating life, love and togetherness with live music.

We will breathe, dance, sing and close the conference with a party that will make your eyes, body and soul sparkle with joy!