Hiro Landazuri @ S.Y.C. 2020

Hiro Landazuri, is an internationally renowned yoga teacher. After a career in heart transplant surgery, Hiro left to heal the body in another way – through teaching yoga. He teaches his own style of yoga, Functional Flow, a practice for the body and mind.

Smarter Hips Flow
Backbends, folds, twists, arm balances, leg balances, your hips play some role in all of it. Get smarter hips to effectively deepen your practice all around, not just in the Asana’s, but in the meditative practice as well.

Phoenix Rising
We can do the same thing twice and in one instance, it’s mechanical, cerebral and in the other it feels intuitive. We tend towards one or the other, but the magic of ascending into the version of ourselves that we either see possible, or surprise ourselves with, is when the two meet.

Alignment, engagement, and structure are all tools that are helpful in feeling stronger and more agile in life. It’s important to remember that an elevated flow state is what the tools provide: trusting the muscle memory so that we can be present to flow into new spaces confidently, with excitement, and feel the possibility of our beauty without the barriers we impose on ourselves. Allow yourself the freedom to be by moving in this creative flow.

Flow into Smarter Inversions
No matter where you are on your inversion journey this flow will bring in the key elements to inverting with more confidence. Finding the willingness to “try” new things on the mat is a powerful tool to getting ourselves to feel empowered to try new things off the mat and step into the change we want to become.

This class will progress from meditation, breath work, dynamic flow with technique breakdown and end with empowering meditation to carry the empowerment off the mat.