Cristi Christensen @ S.Y.C. 2020

Cristi is Fire Activator. She has the unique ability to connect heart to heart with her students. She is shaking up the yoga world by integrating yoga and dance with live DJ’d house music during her invigorating “Deep Exhale” events.

Rock the Bhakti with Cristi, Dave Stringer and Friends

Adventure into the Heart of Bhakti- the yoga of love, service, and devotion. Join Cristi, Dave & Friends for an uplifting and inspirational live music flow that will not only open your heart and move your soul but will unlock your voice, and ignite your heart fire desire. A celebration of love through asana, poetry, dance, and song.

Water Flows

Fluid, Feminine, and Flowing – The movement of the ocean, the waves rolling in and out, the tide ebbs and flows. Dive deep into the waters arousing your creative energy and feeling body through a hip opening flow.

Session includes Moving Meditation, Breath, Mudra, Asana.

Soul Fire – Illumine

Everytime you come into a new level of empowerment in your life you will be tempted or tested to negotiate that power and once again make yourself small. Through this powerful ritual practice of meditation, dynamic vinyasa, music and dance we will work to breakthrough these blockages, burn them away, so that you can fulfill your birthright of becoming the most powerful you!

This class also includes arm balance play & core activation.