Dana Trixie Flynn @ S.Y.C.

Dana Trixie Flynn is a ‘teacher’s teacher,’ celebrated for her raw and generous spirit and her uplifting innovative, and soulful Lotus Flow style of Yoga. She loves yogis, rebels, music, arugula, dancing with total abandon, poets, tulips, her toes forever in the ocean, biking and of course Glitter.

Change Your Karma
We come into this world with our own Karma and we can change it by changing our actions and our habits. We have certain impressions or tendencies called Samskaras that are expressions of our past Karma and they also determine the way we will act in the future. Let’s plant the seed of our dreams now, transforming negative habits into positive ones. This dynamic flow is all about dancing with our Destiny, one powerful breath at a time.

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
Bring it ON, the challenges, the ups and downs and all the bumps in the road. It’s all fuel to move anything that’s in our way, including ourselves . We will go deep into twists and hips with bold asana, fluid movement and daring arm balances that require you and your Spirit to never ever give up. Mountains will be moved, prayers will be inspired and class will culminate in meditation.

The Beating of Your Heart
What makes your heart beat, your feet lift and your body soar? Discover how to listen to your Yogic barometer to stay connected to your Freedom. Calling on music, movement and your Life Force; we will pump up the volume on our asana practice and invite the beats to dissolve our fears so that we may live boldly, softly and Awake. Together, we will alter the beat at which we live.

Soul Sweat
FREE your body and unleash your spirit at the deep end of the dance floor. BIG SWEAT + BIG BEATS with LIVE DJ.